Missouri Casinos Look For Revenue Bump With Limits Gone

In the state of Missouri, they are one of the few who have not had their casino revenue figures severely hurt by the current state of the economy. The numbers released on Monday suggested that the state casinos could be in for bright days ahead.

While the numbers did show a revenue decrease, it was minimal. State casinos had $79.7 million a year ago, compared to $78.7 this year. That is a decrease of one percent, much lower than those of other states around the country.

In addition to the revenue figures, casinos are jubilant over voters decision on election night to eliminate loss limits. The state had been the only one in the nation with loss limits at their casinos.

With loss limits gone, the casinos can now attract the type of high rollers that should turn the one percent decrease into an increase in revenue. The one downfall for casinos is they will have to pay slightly higher taxes. Their tax number went up to twenty one percent.

“Missouri has a tremendous opportunity to become a leader in the casino gambling industry. Without loss limits, I would expect they would increase their figures dramatically when the economy begins to come back,” said Ryan Leeber, a casino gaming analyst from St. Louis.

Macau Promises To Protect Their Casino Gambling Interests

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While Las Vegas casino companies are having trouble receiving help from the American government, the government of Macau has decided they will not stand by while casinos close down.

Edmund Ho, the Chief Executive of Macau, has vowed that the government will do everything within their power to support existing casinos. The territory has become the casino gambling leader and plans on staying on top.

“If necessary, the government will take over. we will not allow any casinos to shut down,” said Ho, after Las Vegas Sands announced that they stop their expansion on the Cotai Strip. Sands is in serious financial trouble and has halted the Macau project indefinitely.

At the present time, Macau is working to help the casino industry as much as possible, but they do not intend on making tax cuts part of that relief. Ho has introduced a stimulus package to try and kick start the economy.

Macau has been dealing with the same slowdown as Las Vegas. Although their revenue numbers are down, they have not as of yet fallen to the depths of Las Vegas revenue figures.

While the Sands project is currently stopped, they are hoping to revive the expansion once they receive the financing to do so. “We are pursuing a project financing (agreement) with a major Chinese bank. We would hope to close the transaction with the Chinese bank in three to six months,” said Las Vegas Sands President and Chief Operating Officer, William Weidner.

Missing $100,000 Chip Still Not Found At Crown Casino

Most of the time when chips go missing inside of a casino, police and casino management can check video and find the culprit. That has not been the case in one situation at the Crown Casino.

A missing $100,000 chip was reported back in January of 2006. Since then, the casino and police have had no luck finding the person that stole the chip. It is guessed that it was an employee who got away with the chip.

The chip was taken from one of the most highly secured places in the casino, making it almost more unbelievable that the crook could have gotten away without being caught.

“The existing cameras didn’t capture anything. A couple of the cameras passed over the floor but they didn’t show anything,” said a source, to the Sunday Herald Sun.

The police were not called on to the case immediately. The casino first tried to solve the crime on their own. When they had no success, they then put in a complaint to the police.

While it was amazing that the thief was able to get away without getting caught, the casino and police do not feel that they have struck again. They claim the chip stolen was an isolated incident.

Million Dollar Lottery Gambling Ticket Being Used To Care For Mom

Lottery tickets can do wonders for people when they are scratched off and become winners. Many different tales have been told y winners explaining what they did with the tickets.

For a Washington man, the winning lottery ticket came at the most opportune of times. He won 1 million in an instant scratch off gambling lottery game. His tale of how he spent his winnings will be a heartfelt one.

Michael McManus is using the $750,000 lump sum payment that he received(after taxes) to ensure that his eighty tee year old mother gets the proper care in the comfort of her own home. She suffered a stroke six years ago, and is need of constant care.

McManus and his brother had been contemplating putting their mother in a nursing home due to the cost of in-home nursing care. The money that he won will now be used to allow his mother to sty in her condominium.

“I have learned how to love an appreciate what my mother means to me, by taking care of her for the last six years. We’ll be able to fulfill our mission, which is taking care of our mother,” said McManus.

McManus has never married and when his mother, Maryjane White, suffered a stroke six years ago, he decided to move back in with her an take care of her.