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Missing $100,000 Chip Still Not Found At Crown Casino

Most of the time when chips go missing inside of a casino, police and casino management can check video and find the culprit. That has not been the case in one situation at the Crown Casino.

A missing $100,000 chip was reported back in January of 2006. Since then, the casino and police have had no luck finding the person that stole the chip. It is guessed that it was an employee who got away with the chip.

The chip was taken from one of the most highly secured places in the casino, making it almost more unbelievable that the crook could have gotten away without being caught.

“The existing cameras didn’t capture anything. A couple of the cameras passed over the floor but they didn’t show anything,” said a source, to the Sunday Herald Sun.

The police were not called on to the case immediately. The casino first tried to solve the crime on their own. When they had no success, they then put in a complaint to the police.

While it was amazing that the thief was able to get away without getting caught, the casino and police do not feel that they have struck again. They claim the chip stolen was an isolated incident.

Million Dollar Lottery Gambling Ticket Being Used To Care For Mom

Lottery tickets can do wonders for people when they are scratched off and become winners. Many different tales have been told y winners explaining what they did with the tickets.

For a Washington man, the winning lottery ticket came at the most opportune of times. He won 1 million in an instant scratch off gambling lottery game. His tale of how he spent his winnings will be a heartfelt one.

Michael McManus is using the $750,000 lump sum payment that he received(after taxes) to ensure that his eighty tee year old mother gets the proper care in the comfort of her own home. She suffered a stroke six years ago, and is need of constant care.

McManus and his brother had been contemplating putting their mother in a nursing home due to the cost of in-home nursing care. The money that he won will now be used to allow his mother to sty in her condominium.

“I have learned how to love an appreciate what my mother means to me, by taking care of her for the last six years. We’ll be able to fulfill our mission, which is taking care of our mother,” said McManus.

McManus has never married and when his mother, Maryjane White, suffered a stroke six years ago, he decided to move back in with her an take care of her.

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